About Us

What We Believe…


Here at KERO Business Solutions, we believe in Keeping IT Simple, across a wide range of industries we have implemented automation procedures to help streamline the day to day tasks of many companies. Automation + Productivity = Increased Revenue.


Our goal from the outset is to alleviate the burden of ineffective IT from the daily running of your business. By operating as a bolt-on IT department, coupled with fixed price proactive and fully managed IT service offerings, we can give your team the confidence to get in touch with any problem big or small with no fear of additional expense to your company.


Our support team go the extra mile and don’t shy away from any support tasks, we even offer support on third party provided software’s where possible, we do our very best to make your working day easier in relation to your IT infrastructure.

Managing DIrector / Lead Consultant
Stephen Comerford

Steve is our company owner and lead consultant. His free time consists of working harder than he does when he's in the office. Often seen with a blank expression on his face, as he formulates business improvement plans for our clients, he is best left alone when he has Do not Disturb mode is switched on!

Creative Developer
Luke McClelland

Luke is our very own top-shelf nerd, often found talking to himself in code, his favourite saying “Conquer it with code!” We tend to keep him out the back due to his inability to stop talking, he sometimes struggles to pick up on a clients glazed over look as he barates them with his extensively boring knowledge!

In-House Technician
Rob Cijunelis

Rob is our in house hardware tech and spends his day looking after our professionally equipped workshop. With an insatiable thirst for knowledge and skilled pair of hands, there isn't a fault out there he can't resolve. His free time consists of chilling by the river with his fishing rod and inundating the rest of the team with pics of his catches!

Gemma Clarke

With Gemma, its all a numbers game! Gemma spends her day greasing the wheels of the company finances, with a great head for numbers and puzzles, Gemma is a well-placed addition to our team. Always seen smiling throughout the office, she is friendly, approachable and polite...until your invoice is overdue!

What Sets Us Apart…


We’re not saying we are the only company that cares but we certainly care a lot more than most when it comes to making sure your IT systems work for you, we take the job personally. We are a tightknit team of passionate nerds.


We offer a personal service with a smile. Our varied knowledge amidst our team of nerds who eat sleep and breath IT and its many forms, meaning we can offer one of the best services available. Our every waking hour is dedicated to learning the latest and greatest methods of making your day easier with the utilisation of your IT systems.

Nothing but the best…


We have watched the IT support field shift greatly in our many years in the game, and we firmly believe, if it’s not proactive it’s just not effective.


We have utilised many methods of monitoring, security and pre-emptive support tools. In the IT industry these products come in many shapes and sizes, by trialling all offerings out there we are confident our supports tools are sharpest and most effective available.


Whilst we are well aware there are cheaper alternatives of IT support, they just don’t hold up in the high-risk playing field that is modern IT.


Given the vastly increased security and data loss risks to your IT, it’s no longer viable to call in the IT guys as and when you have problems, your company needs a team with its finger on the pulse and 24/7 monitoring capabilities in its corner.

Keeping IT Simple

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